US ban on Chinese military units to buy Russian aircraft

US sanctions ban on Chinese military units to buy Russian aircraft

Washington: The US has banned the Chinese military from purchasing fighter aircraft and missile systems from Russia. The trump administration has taken this tough step at a time when business warfare has already begun between the US and China.

This latest move by the US has provoked both China and Russia. China has demanded to ban the ban while expressing an outrage. While Russia has warned the United States that it is playing with the ban by banning it. It can be dangerous.

The US State Department said on Thursday that it is implementing the ban on China’s Equipment Development Department (EDD) and its director Lee Shangfu with immediate effect. EDD is an agency of the Chinese army, which is responsible for buying arms and equipment. These restrictions have been imposed in contravention of the US law, CAATSA (Countworth America’s Advocacy Through Sections Act) to enter into the agreement with Russia’s leading arms exporting company, Rosoboronexport.

Responding to the ban, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said on Friday, “China expresses strong displeasure over this unfair action of America. We urge the United States to immediately correct their mistake and cancel these so-called sanctions. Otherwise, the American side will be responsible for its consequences. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said, “It is silly to play with fire. It can be dangerous. ‘

US sanctions ban on Chinese military units to buy Russian aircraft
People Liberation Army

US blacklisted 33 other people

The US has also blacklisted 33 other people and companies associated with Russia’s military and intelligence. This list has been made under the CAATSA law.

This law was made last year

In the US, the CAATSA was enacted in 2017. Under this, the US has banned Iran, North Korea and Russia. In Russia, the purchase of defense equipment has been banned. This law has also been made to punish Russia for intervening in civil war of Ukraine and Syria.

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