“Full Blame” On Israel, Says Russia As Syria Accidentally Downs Its Jet

"Full Blame" On Israel, Says Russia As Syria Accidentally Downs Its Jet

“Full Blame” On Israel, Says Russia As Syria Accidentally Downs Its Jet

Beirut, Lebanon: Russian Defense Minister (Russia) Sergei Shoigu on Tuesday told his Israeli counterpart, Avigdor Lieberman, that Moscow could consider answering a Russian aircraft to reduce the “full” blame on the Israeli air force.
According to a ministry statement, “Shot-down Russian aircraft and crew’s death is on the Israeli side,” Shoigu told Lieberman in a phone call, “Russia reserves the right to react in the future.”

The Russian army said on Tuesday that Syria accidentally dropped a Russian military plane with a group of 15 ships when its air defense went into action against an alleged Israeli missile strike.

The incident happened at the end of Monday, following the military intervention of Russia’s game in September 2015 was the worst case of friendly fire between the two colleagues.

Russian Ilyushin left the radar during the Mediterranean years and Turkey and Russia announced a deal which gave relief to millions of people from a dangerous military attack in northern Syria.

There was no immediate word from Damascus, but the fatal air war sequence began when the missiles attacked the coastal area of Latakia on Monday.

The Russian army said that Israeli pilots had attacked Syrian targets, “used Russian aircraft as a cover, it had to set fire to Syrian air defense.”

“15 Russian soldiers died,” he said, “Moscow has reserved” right of the vengeful act “against Israel.

It did not mention French frigates anymore, the Russian Defense Ministry had earlier claimed that there was a fire on the area on Monday.

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"Full Blame" On Israel, Says Russia As Syria Accidentally Downs Its Jet
“Full Blame” On Israel, Says Russia As Syria Accidentally Downs Its Jet

The French army refused any involvement and the Syrian state media had said late on Monday that Air Defense had stopped the missiles targeting Latakia.

Citing a military source, “Our air defense is taking hostile missiles coming from the sea towards Latakia city, and many of them have been stopped.”

Israel Mum

According to the human rights of the Syrian Observatory, some missiles had passed through ammunition on the site of the Technical Industry Institute.

Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the UK-based monitoring group, said that at least two fighters died and 10 were injured in the strike.

They told AFP, “Two bodies were found, they said they could not immediately confirm whether the soldiers killed were soldiers or militiamen with the forces supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Israel, who did not comment on Monday’s attacks, has consistently raided Syria’s military infrastructure in recent months, in which the base Iranian fanatics believe.

Earlier in September, Israel had admitted 200 attacks in Syria in the last 18 months.

Syrian fault became hot on a large deal series announced after Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan negotiated the Russian Resort Sochi.

In Northern Syria, two main brokers agreed to make a 15-20 km wide dematerialized zone with the line of contact between the rebels and the governing troops in the Idlib region.

This will be achieved by October 15 and all Jihadi fighters in the area will be withdrawn.

Putin said, “Demilitarized Zone” will be protected from the support of mobile patrol groups of the Turkish army and the parties of the Russian military police. “

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By the end of the year, transportation routes should be restored between the main port of Latakia and Aleppo as well as the major city of Latakia and Hama.

Idlib Reprieve

With the aim of ending the seven-year civil war in Syria, Iran, the third member of the so-called Asthana process, praised this agreement as an example of “responsible diplomacy”.

Three million people live in the Idlib region, the last important part of Syria is still organized by the rebels and the jihadis.

The United Nations warned that the land could be fully attacked with the aim of fulfilling the military re-evaluation of Damascus, yet there may be one of the largest human disaster in a conflict which has killed more than 360,000 people.

Supervisors and residents of the Idlib region suspected that a deal which was slightly more than a temporary fix was visible.

Lorraine Bramwell, director of the International Rescue Committee of Syria, said, “It can be a win for diplomacy and Syria needs more to solve this crisis.”

“However, we have seen before that how the de-escalation deal has not lasted long.”

After Monday’s announcement in Sochi, hundreds of people gathered in Binnish, a city in the rebel province of Bin’i.

One of the protesters Wassim Souweid said, “The demand of the Syrian people has remained unchanged since the first day: this is the fall of the rule.”

He said, “I think this decision will not stop the bombing of the citizens, will not give any option to the people.”

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